Caring Arms

If you or someone you care about has recently joined the NDIS program, you’ll interact with a variety of healthcare professionals who are responsible for providing ongoing care and support. Additionally, you may be assigned a support worker who will assist you in managing your daily life and accessing services through your NDIS funding. Our highly trained team is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities and mental health concerns live more independently and reach their full potential by offering physical and emotional support.

As every NDIS participant has unique needs, the role of a support worker will vary depending on the individual and is focused primarily on empowering and aiding individuals to live as independently as possible.

An excellent disability support worker must possess several commendable qualities, such as empathy, expertise in disabilities, emotional intelligence, excellent communication skills, dependability, patience, and a comprehension of different needs. Most importantly, they should have a genuine passion for providing exceptional care to their clients.


At Caring Arms, we recognise the significance of selecting the most suitable individual to meet your needs.

A professional demeanour is a must-have trait for all workers, especially disability support workers. It is imperative that disability support workers are always courteous when engaging with clients and colleagues. This includes politeness, being receptive to various perspectives, and being eager to listen and learn.

In addition to these qualities, reliability is a crucial attribute for disability support workers. Including arriving punctually, fulfilling obligations, and delivering consistent high-quality support. It also involves being truthful and dependable, and accepting accountability.

At Caring Arms our team displays a commitment to providing quality support. This means having a positive attitude, being organised and prepared, and taking the time to listen to the client and understand their needs. It also means being knowledgeable about the services that are available and being willing to go the extra mile to ensure the client’s needs are met.