Caring Arms


Short Term & Medium Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation is an NDIS service that provides temporary relief from your daily routine and can allow your caregiver a break to avoid exhaustion. We can customise this service according to your needs, whether you prefer to stay in your own home or choose from our short and mid-term accommodation options in easily accessible locations with safe and comfortable interiors.

  • Take a temporary respite from your daily routine.
  • We can provide you with supporting staff, assistive technology and community participation events during your short or mid term accommodation stay.
  • Continuous communication to ensure that your requirements are being met at the respite lodgings.
  • Our Short Term Accommodation service aims to provide a holistic respite experience, offering temporary relief while promoting your well-being and quality of life.

Our services also include supporting staff, assistive technology, and community participation events, all provided based on your NDIS plan and funding. Our supporting staff will regularly communicate with you to ensure that your respite needs are met.